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So you’re considering a Mural?? Well, you came to the right place. I have been painting Graffiti artwork for about 20 years and have been painting murals for about 10 years. One of the best things about a mural is that it makes you stand out compared to typical signage or designs on your building interior or exterior. I create hand-painted custom artwork design specifically for your business, school, church, or whatever else that you would like people to see or notice. Each mural is specifically created with your ideas and my artistic expertise to create something that stands out amongst your neighbors in your city and your community….. The murals I paint have created hotspots in the towns or businesses that they are located in! It makes it a stop destination for people traveling through and locals alike. Some murals that I have done had become backdrops for weddings, baby showers, baby announcement, engagements, graduation photos, pregnancy photos, or family photos depending on what your idea is for your mural this may become a magnet for your business… People in the community will flock to this artwork to see it in person appreciate its beauty and most of all venture into your establishment. This also stands out with people who support local businesses they see that you hired a local artist to paint and design something creative for your business which makes them want to support you as much as you support an artist in your community!!! All of my work is created using spray paint and I stand behind it and guaranteed it to last for at least 10 years….. This paint is meant for outdoors and lasts a lifetime, doesn’t fade change or alter over years it holds up very well in direct sunlight and direct sunlight! So if you are looking to stand out draw attention to your business and became a staple in your community then look no further I have plenty of references available and many walls that you can go to and look at in person I’ve done work from Local schools and churches to coffee shops Barbershops hair salons yoga studios Bars and restaurants each mural designed and created specifically for each client. I also paint live events birthday party’s work parties or graduations or any other event!

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